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After Hours Emergency Service

Just because your office is closed does not mean you and your staff are not working. In your industry missing a call could lead to missed opportunities to grow or maintain your client list. When people call for service and they hear an answering machine, voicemail or need to press some random amount of numbers to get someone, they tend to hang up and call the next provider on their list. We are here 24/7/365 to make sure that you have not missed those calls, which can lead to lost business down the road.

Our service caters to your specific needs with multiple ways of message relay, plus we offer a daily log of messages taken to be sent to the office. This log is very beneficial to you, because there is no more he said/she said situations. With using remote receptionist service, you have a live agent taking your calls and relaying the message to your on call individuals in each persons preferred method. After we have relayed the message, you will receive a daily log of all calls taken since the last email transmission or if you prefer, we can email you a copy of the message in real time and you are notified at the same time your staff is.

Our customizable methods of relaying messages:

Phone Call: We call your staff and relay the message.

Text Message: We send a text of the callers information you require to your on call staff

Secure Delivery: If we are required to take sensitive information, like credit card information, we strongly suggest that you use our encrypted smartphone app to relay such information

Message call escalators:

Regardless of the method you or your staff members choose to be notified, we request that escalators be placed to ensure that the message is delivered. Some of the common escalators used:

* If on call does not answer the phone, wait 5 minutes and call again. If the staff still does not answer, call the alt number provided. If this goes unanswered too, call the on call back-up or supervisor.

*If we text the on call, the on call individual has 15 minutes to text or call us back to verify that they have received the message. If they have not replied, we revert to the phone call method of relay and escalators.

*Secure Delivery will be treated as a text with in our system and have the same escalators as a phone call if the on call does not respond within the app.

In addition to message relay,  we can make the relay multi-layered. If your supervisor(s) would like to know when a message is being taken and relayed, our system has the ability to send multiple notifications. So at not additional charge; we can text your on call, email your general office account, text the supervisor, etc. The relay methods are limitless and with our service, there is no excuse for a message not being delivered.