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Commercial Answering Service

In the many years of service to commercial business, we have attained a knowledge of our client needs and their clients desires. With this knowledge, we can create a system that works best for you...even if it's just to answer the phone because you are busy.

The industries that we have the most experience with and proven systems in place are Funeral Homes, Heating and Cooling and Plumbing, not that we don't answer for other industries. With these types of business, we have found not only do we offer excellent service, we have been entrusted to take and dispatch maintenance personnel, delivery drivers and estimators.

How our service can benefit you:

When you forward your business line to our service, there is a record of every call. A message that is tailored to your needs is created during account set up and we take vital information, which we can relay to your on call individuals or hold for you at a later time. 

Industries we currently service

  • Heating and Cooling                                              
  • Plumbing
  • Asphalt/Concrete
  • Funeral Homes
  • Construction
  • Law Office
  • Condo Association
  • Rental Property Maintenance/Management 
  • Livery Service
  • Real Estate
  • Security Services
  • Health and Beauty Salons
  • Many others too!

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