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Funeral Homes and Livery Remote Receptionist

With several years of experience in the Funeral Home answering service industry, we have acquired the knowledge to help you tailor your answering service needs while providing you with the service you expect.

When your phone lines are forwarded to the service, you can expect our staff to treat your clients in the manor you would treat them yourselves. Our courteous staff will get the information you require and relay the message to your on call staff, while still being sympathetic to the caller on the phone.

We offer the following service to funeral homes and livery services:

Secure message relay: If you would like a message sent to you with all the vital information regarding your 1st call. With the service taking private information, like home address and social security number, we suggest that a regular text message is not secure enough. Using our smart phone app, you can be assured that the encrypted app does not leave that information open to potential hacking.

Call connect: We all know that when a family member places the 1st call, they may not feel comfortable with speaking with a remote receptionist. In these cases we will edit our typical question and answer list to just get the vital information; who is calling, their phone number and who has passed on. We then place the caller on hold and contact the on call director and connect the caller to your staff. 

Message dispatch and relay: In some cases, a funeral homes may wish that their service could take care of some of the leg work without having to contact the director immediately. In these cases, we can take you message and dispatch the embalmer and livery service. Then at your chosen time, relay what has taken place...great for overnight times.

Manage Direct Burial and Direct Cremation List: If your funeral home chooses to, we will add your list of Pre-Need clients that have requested direct burial or direct cremation. This list can be updated by my staff and will alert us when we have to modify livery dispatch.

Online Service Data Base: This unique option gives the funeral home access to our directory of calling hours, services, etc. for your current and past showings. Regardless of your interaction with the program, it is how we quickly access information on services and relay that information to people calling in for information about your recently departed.  (Each Funeral Home will have it's own user name and password to access the program via the web portal)