All Medical Answering Service is required by law to deliver calls in a secure manor. In order to achieve this messages must be encrypted.

To install the Secure Delivery App, please click on the appropriate link from the home page and follow the installation instructions. Please note: "Secure Delivery" requires that you have DATA Service. If you are in an area that does not have DATA or WIFI service available you will not be able to retrieve the encrypted message. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact the answering service for the full message. All messages sent will have the following elements unsecured: Who the caller is requesting, the type of call (Hospital, Patient, Consult, etc.) and the callers contact number. In order to be HIPAA and HITECH compliant the any information about the patient must be encrypted.

Secure Delivery is a way of sending digital information to on call personnel while meeting the standards set forth by the HITECH Act of 2009. For more information on the Act and how it relates to answering service, please click the HITECH Compliant tab in the above tool bar.

What is Secure Delivery:Secure Delivery is a way for an answering service to allow access to medical information taken by your answering service. Our service will take a patients information and notify you that you have a secure message available. When you log in to check the message, you are actually logging into a proprietary server to view the message. NO patient information actually leaves our system.

How it Works:After we take the message our system will notify you via text message that you have a new message. This note will be followed by the name of the doctor the caller was requesting and the callers phone number. No personal information will be sent out.

Here is what your text will look like:         

                                  "Secure Message" available: "Quick link for log in" "Doctors Name"                                                                                                      "Type of Call" "Phone Number"  

After receiving this message you can either blindly call the number (call to see who the caller is and what they want) or you can continue to the app on your phone and enter your password to view the entire message. Where you will see a format similar to the general example here: (If you have a custom message ticket, the format will be what information you have requested.)     

  • SMITH     
  • TODAY AT 11:22am     
  • NAME: JOHN DOE     
  • MESSAGE:     
  • PT OF:

​Please make sure to go to the installation page and follow the instructions for your specific device.