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What is Secure Delivery: Secure Delivery is a way for an answering service to send encrypted information taken by your answering service to your smart phone using our free app. Our service will take information and notify you that you have a secure message available. When you log in to check the message, you are actually logging into a proprietary server to view the message. NO patient information actually leaves our system.

How it Works: After we take the message our system will notify you via text message that you have a new message, if programmed for dual notification. This message will be followed by limited information that you or the answering service has determined is permitted to send insecure. No personal information will be sent out.

Here is what your text will look like:         
                                  "Secure Message" available: "Quick link for log in" "Doctors Name"  "Type of Call" "Phone Number"  (for the medical community)

*If you want or need your Text Messages to be sent encrypted, you will need to have your service enabled. This requires you to download our app on your smart phone AND have the answering service set up an account for you.

To download the app:
​Apple Users: Download "Spectrum SD"  from the app store
Android Users: Download "Spectrum Secure Delivery" from the play store
 *It is a free app to download but it does require the user to initiate the program to work

Once downloaded:
1. When the app prompts you to choose to allow notifications, please select OK/Yes or the app will not be permitted to alert you that you have received a message.
2. You will need to enter a URL at the initial page; our URL is the following:
3. Press connect and you will be sent to the user log in page.
4. Enter your Client ID and Password, attained from the answering service
5. Tap log in and you are now connected.

To DOWNLOAD the app from this page, please click the link 

Please note: This app does require a data connection in order to work. If you are connected to wifi, the wifi provider may have secure sites and apps blocked, please be aware as the service will not know your connection type.

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