If we send you emails, they must be secure as well....
Please read all of the below information if you wish to receive secure email

Getting Secure e-mail Messages
Receiving secure email has been made a lot easier thanks to Google and Outlook. Technically a password protected email is required, but there is a loop hole. When the sender of an email uses gmail or Outlook and the receiver to the email uses gmail or Outlook, the message is secure.

The answering service will be using it's Outlook address to send information. We ask that you sign up for a outlook account if you do not currently have one. Please let us know your Microsoft outlook account address for secure delivery. Outlook encrypts its emails for it users protection, you can always tell a secure web site by its web address; it will begin with https:// instead of http://.

​With all the Rules the HITECH Act enforces this should be the easiest to comply with.