Our service is 24/7/365 and all calls are handled by a live operator. We are an in-house answering service, that means all calls are answered at our secure location.

Answering Service:  

Answering Service is the taking and relaying messages to their desired on call personnel. Our service uses Telescan servers and individual work stations to track all activity that transpires on an account. With the help of Telescan we are a leader in answering service technology, putting us a step before the competition.

  • Every account is leased a phone number on a month to month basis
  • Each account is answered by its own company name
  • Messages are taken and then delivered by the client's instructions
  • Toll Free numbers are available upon request        

How our service works:  

Every account is different and is treated as such. You will have your own 330-742-XXXX number to forward your calls to. We will answer your phone how you choose, get the information that you desire and pass that information to the proper person. 

  • We will follow your instructions for gathering information
  • We will relay the call however you wish
  • We have the ability to relay under multiple situations

Our relay methods:

  • Phone call: We call you to deliver the taken information
  • Text message: We send you a text message to your phone or alpha pager (non-medical or HIPAA/HITECH compliant messages only)
  • Secure Message Delivery - We send you a password protected message
  • Patching Calls: We place the caller on hold and connect the caller to you
  • E-mail or Fax: We Hold the message and send it to you at scheduled time​

Please contact us directly over the phone or email for pricing