Vacation Service

Going out of town or closed for the holidays and need someone to answer your phone while you're gone?....We're here for you.

Vacation Service: Vacation Service has all the features of regular answering service at a limited price and is available by the day, week or month. Unlike answering service, you are not to advertise this phone number. These numbers are rotated constantly and you do not want to confuse your clients.

How it works: While you are out of town, you can forward your call to us. We will inform your clients of the current situation and let them know when you will be back. You can even give us a list of instructions for our staff to follow while you are gone. (example below) 

  • If caller calls in for "X", tell them I am unavailable but I will call them when I get back to the office
  • If caller calls in for "Y", text me on my cell and let them know I will get back with them as soon as possible
  • If caller calls in for "Z", place the caller on hold and connect them to me.


Please contact us directly via phone or email for pricing