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We are not “Just the Answering Service.” We have gone way beyond that! We combine the latest technology with real people to give your callers the best experience possible.

Do you need someone to answer your phone while you are in a meeting or out to lunch? Do your callers complain that they can’t reach you after hours or on weekends? Are there times when you just need a break? Our live operators can help!

Let our experienced operators handle your calls in a prompt and professional manner to enhance your company’s image. While the majority of our customers are located in North East Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, advances in technology have allowed us to serve clients all over the country. 

No industry or business is to big or to small to benefit from using an answering service. We are here 24/7 so that your clients can always have a method of contact without having to give your personal contact information. 

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Services Available

​Answering Service:  
Taking and relaying messages to their desired on call personnel. Our service uses Telescan servers and individual work stations to track all activity that transpires on an account. With the help of Telescan we are a leader in answering service technology, putting us a step before the competition.

  • Every account is leased a phone number on a month to month basis
  • Each account is answered by its own company name
  • Messages are taken and then delivered by the client's instructions
  • Toll Free numbers are available upon request  

Call Forwarding Service:
With call forwarding, you are in control of when we answer. Choose the hours that fit your needs, up to 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

Rented Line:
Do you need a phone number but don’t want to invest in a business line or long term contract? Perhaps you just need a line for a temporary event or a special occasion? answerLINK Ohio quickly and easily arrange for you to lease a number for your individual use.

Employee Call-Out/Report-Off Line:
Would you like an easy way to track your employee call-offs? With our advanced equipment, our agents will document the time and date of the calls and can even give each caller a unique confirmation number (If Required). With this service, we are the neutral third party that protects your company by eliminating “he said – she said” situations.

Wake-up and Reminder Call service:
Are you just not a morning person? Do you have a loved one that forgets to take a medication? Do you have a flight to catch or an important meeting that you just can’t miss? Whatever time of day or night, we can give you a friendly call or two to make sure you stay on schedule.

Message Delivery Options:

  • Text your cell phone
  • Secure Messaging (Required for Medical Community)
  • Digital or Numeric paging service
  • Call your cell phone or residence
  • Send via E-mail
  • Send via FAX

​Our service is 24/7/365 and all calls are handled by a live operator. We are an in-house answering service, that means all calls are answered at our secure location.​